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Reginald F. Butts founded ICS Butts Financial Group in 1978, to provide professional merger, acquisitions and business sales services to closely held companies in the Northeast. Over the course of time, many programs were added to ICS Butts Financial Group, such as; business valuations, financial consulting, equipment leasing, business and financial plans and since 1995, International consulting to such countries as Russia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Columbia and Costa Rica, to name a few.


Owners of businesses with annual sales up to 30 million considering a purchase, sale, valuation or refinancing should contract ICS Butts Financial Group. We can provide an objective analysis of your situation that will help you make the best decision about your company’s future. We show you how to address such issues as:

· Choosing the right time to buy or sell
· Preparing your company for sale for the highest possible price
· Innovative financing alternatives
· Strategic planning for long term success
· Planned and organized exit strategies

Our success is based on a thorough understanding of the closely held businesses and an innovative approach to corporate finance that achieve results. In our 26 years in business, we have successfully sold many diverse companies in; manufacturing, transportation, retail, industrial service sector, franchising, steel fabrication, solid waste disposal, construction, food and miscellaneous industries. We have valuated and done consulting in the fields of mergers, acquisitions, business sales and financing for many companies in foreign countries, such as; Russia, Dominican Republic, Former Soviet Countries, Ecuador, Mexico, Columbia and Venezuela. We have represented companies from small mom and pop companies to Hilton Hotels in Colombia, South America, Marplatex, the largest manufacturer of telephones in South America, located in Caracas, Venezuela and the Bates Mill Complex in Lewiston, Maine for the City of Lewiston.


ICS Butts Financial Group maintains an extensive network of professionals and firms who are leaders in the fields of law, accounting, investment and commercial banking and other financially related fields. This corps of experts is continually being expanded in key areas of merger, acquisitions, business sales and financing. Our professional network of professionals, assembled from different backgrounds, focus on solving problems and realizing opportunities for those we serve. We provide a high degree of discreet personal service. Aggressiveness in the pursuit of our clients’ goals and flexibility in adapting to changing realities of the world’s market place are critical elements of that service.

The emphasis at ICS Butts Financial Group is on teamwork, but our professionals also have the courage to take divergent positions on key issues, which affect the success of client’s projects. A strong characteristic of each Butts Financial Group professional is his or her enterprising spirit, that extraordinary ability to clearly see order and opportunity when others view only chaos and confusion.

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