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Positioning a company in a positive light is an important element in obtaining the highest possible selling price. ICS Butts Financial Group works with you to determine your company’s strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations to maximize your company’s values. We assist you in determining the value of the company and setting an asking price. Your company is then discreetly “put in play” to a vast network of potential buyers. Confidentiality during the preliminary stages is a high priority.

We diligently represent your interest throughout the selling process, preparing the private sale memorandum, marketing, structuring and negotiating the transaction and finalizing the purchase and sales agreement.


When you have identified a potential acquisition opportunity, ICS Butts Financial Group can protect your confidentiality by making the initial contact. We establish a rapport with your prospect, identify their objectives and listen to their concerns. This preliminary exploration significantly smoothes the way for actual negotiations.

We assist you throughout the ensuing acquisition process, including structuring and negotiating the terms of the purchase and assisting in the due diligence investigation. We can also help develop a strategic business plan and arrange acquisition and working capital financing.


If you are thinking of selling your company, you need a business valuation to help you realize full value from the sale. Or perhaps you wish to have a business valuation prepared for:

·Estate and Gift Tax Planning
·Developing Additional Financing
·Establishing Fair Market Value for Shareholder Interest
·Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

ICS Butts Financial Group uses the same thorough, professional approach in determining independent valuations for these purposes as it does when a merger, acquisition or business sale is being considered. ICS Butts Financial Group believes that its valuation skills are sharpened by its continuous presence in the market place representing buyers’ and sellers’ companies, providing the real world experience necessary to test its valuation skills. We are admitted to the District, State and Superior Court as expert witness in corporate and business valuations and have developed our own unique software for accurately valuing your company.


Whatever your financing needs, ICS Butts Financial Group can provide a variety of innovative and effective financing options. After your short and long term financial requirements are carefully analyzed, a comprehensive financing package is tailored for your company.

Through our extensive network of banks and corporate financing sources, funds are available for management buyouts, product line acquisitions, working capital, receivable factoring, plant and equipment needs, mergers and acquisitions.

We structure your customized financial package to make the best use of various funding sources available, including conventional debt, equipment leasing, joint venture, SBA and FAME loans and venture partnerships.

Our innovative approach to corporate financing and banks, combined with a thorough knowledge of market conditions and available options, is utilized to secure advantageous rates and terms.


Smart businesses are using leasing more and more to build and expand their operations without tying up valuable working capital. ICS Butts Financial Group gives you the ability to purchase the equipment you need today with a flexible monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or seasonal payment plan. With a lease you get all the benefits of ownership with favorable tax treatment and off balance sheet reporting. ICS Butts Financial Group can normally provide 24-hour approval, with good credit.


·Frees up working capital
·Protects your credit lines
·Eliminates obsolescence
·Gains tax advantages
·Lowers monthly payments
·No down payment (Only Security Deposit)
·$1.00 Buyout or Fair Market Value Lease
·Flexible programs


ICS Butts Financial Group has completed many diverse consulting assignments, in many diverse areas of business and financing, not only the United States, but internationally. We have completed assignments for Hilton Hotel in Cartagena, Columbia, for Maplatex, the largest manufacturer of telephones in South America, in Caracas, Venezuela, Hielo Christal, one of the largest ice and water companies in the Dominican Republic and the former Westinghouse Appliance (White Division) Manufacturing Company in Venezuela, the Bates Mill Complex, for the City of Lewiston, in Lewiston, Maine and New Hampshire Custom Brewers Bottling Company, in Manchester, New Hampshire, to name a few.


ICS Butts Financial Group has completed business and financial plans for start up companies, well established companies, the Federal Bankruptcy Court, companies looking to expand, refinance, and obtain additional financing and for banks, looking to lend or assist new and existing clients. Our business and financial plans are complete, thorough and well recognized by banks and lending authorities.

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